Russell Square Tube Station

I had an appointment in London, last week. I could only get away for a single day, went there and back missing the chance to go and explore as I would have loved – I so rarely get down.


russell square tube


However, I did pass through the beautiful Russell Square tube station on my way, and was reminded of its Art Deco splendour. Colours and patterns I adore so much, and often return to in my jewellery designs – then I noticed it’s the exact palette I have chosen for my new kitchen, with Farrow and Ball’s modern emulsion in ‘arsenic’.




As I hung around taking snaps of the amazing tiles, all the commuters left, leaving me alone down there for a blissful three minutes.

I showed the kids my photos the next day. “It looks look minecraft” said Robert.

In other news, you may have noticed my new blog look. Although I still love my last theme, it wasn’t mobile and tablet friendly so this new design is. I hope you like the change and can still find your way around. Please let me know if there is anything amiss.

I have also changed my gallery look, and am very pleased with its ‘glossy magazine’ feel which makes it a great place to show my photo shoot images. Both are still being tweaked a little to make them mine.

Last but not least is a shiny new logo and branding I have been working on with Bec Gilray of Do You Punctuate … But that’s not quite ready yet …


Rachel and dexter


Enjoy your Easter, spring is on its way! :)

Rachel x

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monochrome tree instagram yorkshire by rachel lucie

My Winter Yorkshire in Instragrams

One of the best things about having my dog, Dexter, is the necessity to walk him every day. I’m a pretty nesh person by nature, and although I love loving up here in the Pennines, I’d sooner be looking at the beautiful view out of my window, than braving cold, grey or wet weather – something we get a lot of. I’m not someone to take myself off on a less that gorgeous day, just to wander about. It’s one of the reasons I decided to get a dog, to make me get out and exercise. By hook or by crook, my big black hound needs a good walk everyday, and he doesn’t care what the weather is doing.

I have to confess I was dreading my first proper winter with a grown up dog, but do you know it’s done me the power of good. With the help of the right outdoor clothing, I go off gladly every day for mine and Dexter’s constitutional.

Just look at some of the beautiful things I’ve seen over the last month. Sometimes it may well be bleak, but it’s always beautiful. All these pictures are taken within half a mile of my home. I love Yorkshire!


yorkshire grit instagram yorkshire by rachel lucie

monochrome skyline instagram yorkshire by rachel lucie

moody instagram yorkshire by rachel lucie

moss tree instagram yorkshire by rachel lucie

Rachel x

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paris bistro style kitchen

Kitchen Mood Board

We are in the process of installing a new kitchen. I should say the slow and chaotic process as we are doing everything ourselves (as we like to do around here). Above is a mood board of what our kitchen *will* be like when it’s finished, but it certainly isn’t at the moment.

I am not willing to share the before or during photos until it’s finished, because until I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, that might be just how it stays! I know this is just my natural pessimism talking, it will be done, just like the loft studio and bedroom before that.

With so many many decisions to be made about every single detail (just which handles, lights, tiles, flooring, wall colour? etc), I was feeling a little bogged down so decided to use my under utilised Polyvore account to help me visualise things better.

More to come, on this one!

Rachel x

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