bodbyn kitchen

Hands Up!


I am holding my hands up – I admit it – I’m not superwoman!
I’m sorry, I know that was a shock for you to find out …

We do everything ourselves in our house. Our current kitchen refit is a joint effort between both of us, and although power tools are best kept out of my reach (and anything involving measuring), the decorating, in including heavy wall repairs and paint stripping plus doing every other last thing in the house for the whole family on my own for weeks has been the order of the day because when Gary isn’t at work, he’s slaving away fitting the kitchen.

We are getting there – one end looks almost done, but I keep having to break the kitchen to do new parts. For example, I am using the dining table for the ongoing process of sanding/danish oiling the oak worktops we have bought (repeating that 6 times), so for the rest of the week we have nowhere to eat, or put things on, or precious little cooking space. Again.

I really am not moaning, I have actually been loving getting involved in it, and the kitchen is – dare I say it – on the last straight now. However with Gary only really getting the weekends to work (therefore meaning I have to do my parts in the week, when the kids are at school), that could still take a while. Someone told me that it typically takes 2 professional kitchen fitters 2 weeks on average to fit a kitchen, so I actually think we are doing really well!

The upshot is that I am going to have a shop break. I can’t work full time, be a mum from 3pm every day and be a kitchen fitter/decorator. This post may be written in a haze of slightly crazed ‘we’ll never finish this damn kitchen’ cries, but I think it’s actually true. I just had to admit it to myself.

So far I have been fulfilling lovely customer orders, but there is SO much more to running my online business. I haven’t launched a new collection this year. There are some new jewellery designs around on my bench, but not the time to collate them into a lovely story, take and edit all the pictures, and most time consuming of all – write the blurb, upload them online and shout about it on social media. I haven’t got myself out there to new stockists, like I normally would. Don’t even talk to me about events (although I had a lovely one recently!).

Would you believe that I also have a rebrand just waiting in the wings (with the wonderful help of Bec from Do You Punctuate), and a blog giveaway to go with it. Physically, making jewellery is such a small part of my day

My Art House products are starting to shift, as spring is the ideal time for them, but again, some great promotion is what is needed, and the time is not there.

My Notonthehighstreet and Etsy shops will be closed, and I will still be taking orders on my website, but not shipping until the 5th May. Don’t worry, if you have an order, I will be shipping it tomorrow :)

In the meantime I am going to devote myself fully to getting this kitchen finished. So that I can have my kitchen back. And my lounge back. And my loft/workspace back. And my business back. And my life back!

I would like to catch up a little on the blogging, and maybe share some pictures of this kitchen, if you don’t mind? In this post are some carefully positioned images of the finished parts of the kitchen, cutting out all the chaos round the edges. Soon it will all look like this …


bodbyn kitchen


Oh, and there is something else in the pipeline – an opportunity I had to grab with both hands, so there will be a new outlet that is taking orders. More on that later in the week.

I’m really glad that this weather has turned, and spring is finally with us, I hope you enjoy a little selection of my recent dog-walk pictures.


Rachel x

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My boy

The Big ‘Out There’

Today I got to spend some precious time with my boy. He’s growing up so quickly, and unbelievably he starts grammar school in September. Someone please explain how it happened that I have an eleven year old?!

Things are changing at home. Gone are those intense child swapping days we had so that we can have a much needed couple of hours on our own (not with each other, mind!), or try to get some jobs or DIY done. Now most weekends are filled with taking them to friends, or having their friends round and not seeing them for hours at a time. I have to be honest that I am liking this much-needed head-space, but the upshot is that a weekend can go by without really spending quality time together, particularly whilst fitting in kitchen work every hour God sends at the moment.


Colts foot


So … It happened that Robert and I got some time on our own today, just the two of us. He often doesn’t want to go places, and Lily and I often get little trips here and there, but this doesn’t happen with him. We took the dog up to the top of Cragg Rd in the mist and fog, messed around on the edge of the reservoir. The sun burned off the mist, revealing vast tundra-like views and coltsfoot spring flowers. So lovely to see some yellow!


Yellow lichen



It goes without saying that the dog loved it up there, although he wouldn’t actually get in and swim because I couldn’t find any sticks to throw in.




Sometimes it’s just what you need to get out of the valley, up to the tops and blow those cobwebs away!


Maram grass


We had a great time, although it was back home on the wii later, of course …

Rachel x

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lucille dresses hat therapy hats

Photo Shoot At T’Mill

I have a couple of behind the scenes shots from a spring time, light-filled photo shoot I took part in the other day. The proper (and amazing) photos by Shelly from Toast of Leeds aren’t ready just yet, so only my snaps today, but you can see that the proper shots are going to be rather good.

My jewellery was accessorizing the vintage dresses and hand made bridesmaid by  Lucy and the Caterpillar/I am Lucille and the gorgeous head gear from Chrissie at Hat Therapy, and the location was Lucy’s beautiful studio at the top of Innovation Mill in Hebden Bridge. As you can see, we had a beautiful light filled morning (a rarity).


mill window

the view from Lucy’s studio window



photo shoot innovation mill hebden bridge

Dress by I Am Lucille, hat by Hat Therapy, with Three Little Words necklace. I shot the shooter! (Shelly)



edwardian wedding dress

this and main image – vintage Edwardian wedding dress from Lucy and the Caterpillar boutique



I will of course be sharing Shelly’s pictures, when they are ready, and adding them to my gallery, too.

Rachel x

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