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Spring is Here!

Posted on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It really is spring! I thought I’d share with you today some of the gorgeous images I have been collecting on one of my Pinterest boards, Botanica.

Take a look at my board ‘Botanica’ on Pinterest.

Plants and flowers in botanical art, fashion and design throughout the ages have inspired this collection, and in turn I have used it for inspiring my Botanica Jewellery Collection. This spring the collection is being updated and renamed with some lovely new jewellery although you will find some of the best sellers still available.

Rachel x

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Commission Corner

Posted on: Sunday, April 13, 2014

Commission catch up time!

Here’s a cute little charm necklace I was commissioned to make by a friend for a 40th birthday recently. The gorgeous little birdcage is solid brass, and all other components are rolled gold.



My Midori jewellery range was easily made into a rather sweet bracelet.


My Little Red Riding Hood jewellery set with a daintier style of earring, and an extender chain for the necklace.

ruby handmade earrings

little red riding hood necklace

And finally a wire-wrapped silver bracelet with silver baroque pearls, green tourmaline and mookaite coin beads for a very special birthday present.

tourmaline pearl and mookaite bracelet

Rachel x

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The pleasures of …

Posted on: Friday, April 11, 2014

…walking the dog.

2014 dexter

As you might remember, I got a new puppy in the New Year. It’s been an intense first few months with a tiny baby dog needing to be let out all the time and with training etc, but it has definitely been worth every minute.

I have made a deliberate effort not to post constant puppy pictures on my blog (apparently not everybody loves my dog as much as me – I am astounded!), but I thought it was high time for a little update. These are just some little snaps as I took out the big camera without a memory card in it. Oops.

Dexter is nearly 6 months old, and training is going really well. He sits, stays, leaves treats on command, goes to his bed, fetches, walks to heel, and is even learning how to weave under my legs!

2014 april woods

Having a dog in our lives has brought so much joy in ways I hadn’t quite imagined. Things can get pretty intense at times, with my son having asperger’s with the effects this has on all of us. Dexter dog has become a waggy happy friend to us all who doesn’t take anything personally and is always pleased to see us, no matter what kind of a day we’ve had. You know, we all need that, sometimes. The kids are both getting on with him well, and training him to do tricks, and they tell me daily how much they love him (that’s more than I get!). We now ‘have’ to go out every day to walk Dexter – we all needed to get out more, anyway, but this has given us the reason that no one argues with. He makes us laugh – a lot, and has such a sense of humour, fun and a good dose of cheekiness.

I had really hoped for all those things, but the thing I really hadn’t bargained for was how it would feel to walk him on my own, off the lead in the woods. Such bliss. I’ve never taken a dog out on my own before. He’s great at staying with me, and we are going to little romps in the woods behind our house daily. Getting outside everyday and seeing spring arriving on a daily basis has been such a treat. It’s really not something I would have felt I had time to do before. He’s given ME the reason I needed to enjoy my surroundings, and it’s doing me good.

2014 woodland path

I’m really looking forward to summer. Have a great weekend!

Rachel x

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