These tassel necklaces have been a bit of a departure from my normal designs. I first made them to sell at the Country Living Fair a couple of years ago, but never offered them for sale online before. They are all one of a kind, and most did sell, but I have a handful left and decided they really must be available online this year (specially as I decided not to do the Country Living Fair this year).

I have handmade each tassel necklace using a gorgeous tassel of various colours, along with either a semi-precious stone (such as amazonite, lapis lazuli, carnelian or smoky quartz) or a vintage crystal bead. The metal is all sterling silver, and the contrasting threads are 100% silk. You can also see that there is a faceted Swarovski crystal bead on the necklace part itself, to add an extra something.

I spent a very lovely couple of days deciding which combinations to pair with which (if you’ve ever seen me with a paint chart, you will know that choosing colour combinations is a very serious business, and can never be rushed – and believe me, EVERY combination was tried!).


tassel necklace in a row


Tassel necklaces are very popular at the moment, and that propelled me to put mine online this year. It’s often hard to show long necklaces off to their best on the internet, but I think I managed it!




Some have sold already this week, take a look below to see which are ready to ship right now. Each one is unique, so don’t dally!

Handmade Tassel Necklace >>


tassel necklace handmade unique


This was also the week that I discovered how to spell the word ‘tassel’, I’ve been spelling it wrongly all these years. Oops …


Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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