My boy


Today I got to spend some precious time with my boy. He’s growing up so quickly, and unbelievably he starts grammar school in September. Someone please explain how it happened that I have an eleven year old?!

Things are changing at home. Gone are those intense child swapping days we had so that we can have a much needed couple of hours on our own (not with each other, mind!), or try to get some jobs or DIY done. Now most weekends are filled with taking them to friends, or having their friends round and not seeing them for hours at a time. I have to be honest that I am liking this much-needed head-space, but the upshot is that a weekend can go by without really spending quality time together, particularly whilst fitting in kitchen work every hour God sends at the moment.


Colts foot


So … It happened that Robert and I got some time on our own today, just the two of us. He often doesn’t want to go places, and Lily and I often get little trips here and there, but this doesn’t happen with him. We took the dog up to the top of Cragg Rd in the mist and fog, messed around on the edge of the reservoir. The sun burned off the mist, revealing vast tundra-like views and coltsfoot spring flowers. So lovely to see some yellow!


Yellow lichen



It goes without saying that the dog loved it up there, although he wouldn’t actually get in and swim because I couldn’t find any sticks to throw in.




Sometimes it’s just what you need to get out of the valley, up to the tops and blow those cobwebs away!


Maram grass


We had a great time, although it was back home on the wii later, of course …

Rachel x

21st April 2015

Rachel Lucie Johns

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