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As a customer of mine, or reader of my blog, I’d be really ever so grateful if you could give me some feedback on a new direction I am currently working behind the scenes to launch. You can see some examples above.

During the years of developing my jewellery business for selling online, I have enjoyed equally both designing jewellery, and photographing it too. I’ve been crawling around snapping pictures of the things that inspire me, and have particularly loved capturing the things in nature that I really love. Flowers, bugs, forgotten corners of our industrial past. I love it when nature claims back a bit of our past, or the increasing beauty you see when you get closer to plants and flowers.

Now, I want to share my photography and sell it via a new website (which will run alongside my current one – no need for technical details at this stage). This is where you come in as I know you have liked or even bought my jewellery, and I really value your opinion.

My nature prints could be available as:

high quality prints (framed or unframed)
phone cases
ipad/tablet cases


So with no obligation to purchase – at all – it would be great if you could fill in the following questionnaire. There are only 5 questions!

(survey now closed)

This will let me know which of products I’m developing below are something you would consider buying often, occasionally, or whether they are not something you are interested in at all. If they sound like something you might buy, are they something you would buy as a gift, for yourself or possibly both?

For anyone who leaves a comment below I will automatically enter you into a prize draw to win a £20 gift voucher for www.rachellucie.co.uk. You will need to include your email address so I can contact you (this will not be shared), so that I can get in touch if you are the lucky winner!

I will announce the winner – drawn at random – on Friday 27th June.

Thanks in advance, and good luck :)

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...


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    26th June 2014

    Love the vibrant colours of your photography and if your new venture is anything like your jewellery I’m sure it will be a great success!

    • Reply

      Rachel Lucie Johns

      28th June 2014

      Thanks so much, Diane! Will keep you posted on progress :)

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    11th June 2014

    I think this idea is a great one, especially because the photography of your jewellery has always been so good. And if the photos you’ve included in this post are anything to go by, then I can only see your new business idea doing well. I look forward to seeing it go ‘live’!
    (And I just did the questionnaire ;)

    • Reply

      Rachel Lucie Johns

      12th June 2014

      Thanks for the lovely comments, and feedback on the products. Have no fear, I may mention them a little when they are ready ;) x

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    7th June 2014

    Beautiful work, Rachel! Looking forward to seeing your range once you launch.

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      Rachel Lucie Johns

      10th June 2014

      Hi Laura, thanks for dropping by, and leaving some feedback on the new ranges. I’m getting very excited!! x

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    7th June 2014

    I have done the questionnaire.I suppose it depends how much you have to invest to start this new stuff but regardless of the responses you get now, you may find a whole new audience for this stuff. Go for it and good luck. xx

    • Reply

      Rachel Lucie Johns

      10th June 2014

      Hi Dianne, cheers for making it over to my blog! I will be looking at launching maybe 4 designs in a range of products at a time, so I can see what is selling before adding more designs one at a time, as and when. Good luck in the draw :) x

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    Tracy Smith

    6th June 2014

    I think your new business idea is a great one! You definitely have an eye for a beautiful photograph. Wishing you lots of luck!

    • Reply

      Rachel Lucie Johns

      7th June 2014

      Hi Tracy, thanks so much! Thanks for your comments/entry, too :) x