Have I mentioned my Pinterest addiction before?

I absolutely love it, and find it a constant source of inspiring images that lift my day whenever I get the chance. It’s not all about distraction, far from it. I’ve also used it before to create boards of inspiration for new collections, as well as a private board that helped me style my new bedroom (more on that another time).

Today here’s just a snippet of 3 gorgeous things from my ‘organic’ board. I have linked each picture back to the pin it came from, and provided the original source link underneath, too.

hugs for bears kiwi
{original source: justthisonelife.tumblr.com}

green door from jpflickr

{original source: jorapa on flickr}

coral bean from jpflicker on flickr

{original source: jpflickr on flickr}

I’m going to make sharing a few of my favourite finds from Pinterest a regular thing on the blog. For ‘visual’ people like me, I’d highly recommend Pinterest, and if you haven’t tried it already, pop along to my ‘organic‘ board to see what you think :)

Rachel x

16th February 2014

Rachel Lucie Johns

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