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I have a little chest that I picked up years ago in a junk shop in Lark Lane, Liverpool. It’s rather battered (it already looked like that when I bought it!) some of the hinges are loose, and it smelt like it had contained dubious fragrant contents before I owned it, but it’s one of my most cherished things, and has been in my bedroom for years.

But how can it be that I hadn’t looked in my lovely (fake) Japanese chest for so long – just look what I found inside, yesterday! I was genuinely surprised to see these lost ‘treasures’, I don’t think I can have looked in it for many years.

I’ve always been a frustrated museum curator, with little tins and boxes of fossils, old broken things and all sorts of curiosities (otherwise known as junk), and as you can see from the contents, this is exactly what I have been hiding away in here.

horn rimmed spectacles

horn-rimmed spectacles, bought in a junk shop that I used to wear

old drawer

clay pipes, fossils, old pieces of china …

rachel lucie childhood art

I made this when I was about 10!

very old rail card

old student railcard. I’m not going to tell you the year

Not pictured but also found inside: the drawer full of old lichen pieces and the friendship bracelets and silk from god know’s when, a lock of my son’s baby hair.

Now that my office / loft space is taking shape, I’m going to enjoy incorporating this lovely old box into my photos. I started yesterday! I am comforting myself that I am don’t yet qualify for a ‘hoarder’s disease’ diagnosis, but it might be a close thing …

Rachel x

16th May 2013

Rachel Lucie Johns

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