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Moved, Reopened & On The Road

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12th August 2017 0 Comments

Well hi! What can I say? I’ve moved house (way back at the beginning of April), and after shutting up shop for a few weeks, reopened again quite a few months ago. There is SO much that has happened I almost don’t know where to start, so today I’ll keep it brief because I have exciting news about an fantastic craft event I will be attending on Sunday in Liverpool. Read on for details.

Lack of blogging has been a combination of not knowing where on earth to start, and getting out of the habit. Something I am hoping to reverse starting now!

So we moved in to our new home ok, although it was a very intense experience – the only thing I could honestly compare it to is giving birth. Then we have spent a couple of months settling in and we love it! Our last house seems like a distant memory, and I really can’t believe that I had lived there for 17 years.

A month ago we started doing major building work on this new house, which has involved moving totally upstairs and converting my new studio space into being a family kitchen at one end and moving our dining table to the loft where we also have a makeshift sitting room. We have made new doors, enlarged windows, swapped openings, taken down walls, dropped ceilings, reinforce joists and dug out the whole downstairs ready for underfloor heating. We will also be moving the stairs, insulating the walls and making good all the mess that this has entailed. All this whilst still living on site!

As well as reopening my online shop, I have started with this summer’s new jewellery collection – Wanderlust. If you haven’t visited my shop for a while, pop over and take a look. There are other designs in the collection that are waiting to be added, but with the house renovations this process has been slower than I would have liked. It will be a long slow release!

In the meantime, you have a chance to visit me in person as part of the Summer Of Love in Liverpool on Sunday. The Artisan Network have organised a 3 day event at St George’s Hall, and I will be attending on Sunday. Here are the details:


artisan network at the St Georges Hall


St Georges Place
L1 1JJ

I will be there 11am – 6pm Sunday


See you there!

Rachel x

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