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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, with those you chose to spend it with. I certainly did!

I bring to you today an image of my tree. It’s not the coolest decorated tree, and won’t be gracing Pinterest any time soon, but it was decorated with love (and this year a record low amount of bickering) by my children and I. I know of friends who speak of the ‘do I let the kids have a go and ruin it?’ debate, but it’s definitely a ‘more and a bit tacky is better’ style in my house. You can even see a pipe cleaner creation of Robert’s aged 3, that no one can remember what it actually was. Even Robert. But I do remember it was made with great earnest precision at the ime, and that will earn it a place forever in my book.

I haven’t blogged regularly for a while, and that’s because something has been afoot. Since September we have been starting the process of getting our house on the market to move somewhere bigger. I still far too superstitious to tell you where we are at with all that just yet, but it does seem that this will be our last Christmas in our little house after 16 years which is a very strange feeling.

There has been a flurry of decorating in the last couple of months which put pay to me launching a new Autumn/Winter jewellery collection this winter. It’something I have been struggling not to feel a bit of a failure for, but actually it would have been impossible. We have decorated the hall, bathroom and lounge, plus put the finishing touches in every other room – you know, the things you always mean to get round to but never quite do. As for the decluttering – omg!

This house has served us so well. It was an utter wreck when we bought it, and save for a 9 year hiatus when the kids were small, we have totally renovated it: lounge (twice), kitchen (twice), bathroom, hall, bedrooms (including moving rooms around), reroofing and doing a loft conversion. Oh, and garden landscaping front and back, central heating (twice) and windows. Actually now I write it out, it seems we have been busy! Although I have felt a failure for only getting the hall done finally this November, and it comes with the bitter sweet feeling of only getting it all finally finished in time to sell it … ha!

Here’s a picture of our kitchen, pre- New Year’s Eve party!


Rachel lucie nye 2016


So, for a couple of months, things may be a little tricky with my business. I actually feel rather refreshed after Christmas an am looking forward to making some new designs, although moving my workroom is not going to be easy, so there may have to be a little break at some point, but I will keep you posted!

In the meantime, I’ve given the website a fresh new look for 2017, do take a look and let me know what you think (or if you find any broken bits!). Keep popping back for my latest house news, which I am bursting to share as soon as I am able!


Rachel x

19th January 2017

Rachel Lucie Johns

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