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This Monday was ‘Blue Monday’. It’s a thing, apparently, although I had never heard of it before.

Even before I knew it was ‘Blue Monday’, on my dog walk on this Monday morning, I found a rather interesting blue pebble, which I was admiring with my blue manicure (courtesy of my daughter, Lily – the proper business, too; undercoat, 2 layers of colour, a layer of sparkle (obvs) and a top coat. This stuff is NEVER coming off!). I have found this blue stuff before, and I suspect it’s actually the byproduct of some kind of industrial process (clinker or something), and it has a rather glass like quality to it.


bracken rachel lucie
hebden bridge duvet day rachel lucie


I totally get it, Christmas and new year are over, everyone is back at work, and waiting for the next wage packet. The days are pitifully short, and for the hours of light we have, it’s of a shockingly poor quality here in Yorkshire. However, although it sounds like I’m moaning, I don’t think I am. There is something quite intense about the colour you manage to spot when you are out and about, maybe that’s because you have to work so much harder to find it?


over t wall rachel lucie
old chamber rachel lucie


We managed to have a smattering of snow, and some icy days up here in Hebden Bridge, but mostly it didn’t last. This part of the Rochdale Canal was an inch thick in ice, and I literally skated to the Post Office on Saturday morning! Quite proud that I didn’t land on my bum.


rochdale canal ice rachel lucie
stoodley pike erringdon moor


Ok, this is very dark for 11am, but it does make for drama and Bronte-esque moodiness, that you just don’t see elsewhere. Stoodley Pike looked amazing, this week.


abandoned glove rachellucie instagram


Have you lost a glove?


old chamber rachellucie instagram


I have been really enjoying the amazing rich greens that you see in the woods from the different mosses, lichens and evergreens. Thank goodness they are there, you just have to remember to look.


evergreens in winter rachel lucie rochdale canal

lichen rachel lucie


These are some of the many reasons I love being a dog owner, because this not a week that I would have volunteered to go out for a wander in the woods before I had Dexter. I have to tell you, that actually the weather looks worse from inside looking out, than it does when you go out and go for it. Embrace January, the wind rain and snow, and say PAH to so-called ‘Blue Monday’!




I’ve been trying to writing this blog post since Monday, but problems with my hosting package were getting in the way. Some days later, and I think that my new upgraded package should make these a thing of the past (fingers crossed), and I finally can now share some of my pictures from January so far.

Rachel x

28th January 2017

Rachel Lucie Johns

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