We managed to grab a quick week abroad this year with the kids to Amalfi. None of us have ever been to Italy, although we have talked about it for a while. We also haven’t been abroad since the last Olympics, that’s four years ago (a rather fateful trip to France where we got stranded because the car broke down!).

We settled on an Air BnB apartment in just at the edge of Amalfi, and hired ourselves a car to get us there from Napoli airport.

As we imagined, the food we could buy at the markets, and in local bars and restaurants was fantastic, and we enjoyed eating out rather a lot. Not so successful was the car hire as our car got towed away the day after arrival, because the whole road for miles is permit only – we then found out. This was an expensive mistake, and the only parking was in a James Bond-style under mountain lair I mean multi-storey car park. We also struggled to buy decent wine in the shops. I am sure this was a rooky foreigner error on our part, as plenty of lovely wine was available in the restaurants!

With just a week, we didn’t cram too much in, specially as it was very hot for us Yorkshire folk. Every day was punctuated by some trip to a beach for a dip to cool down, and there was an amazing flight of a hundred or so steps right down the cliff to our local beach, or we could hop a cheap ferry from town. Having an apartment with air-conditioning was an god-send!

We did manage a boat trip to Capri for the day, passing by the fabulous Postitano, which had me thinking of Jude Law singing in ‘The Talented Mr Ripley. We also went up Mount Vesuvius, coming back hot and sticky with very dusty feet. Hanging around on our terrace was rather fun, too which had THE most amazing views of the bay and Amalfi town itself and some welcome shade. We had plenty of fun spotting the super-yachts that were sailing too and fro or just mooring right below us.

Truly idyllic, and very inspiring, Amalfi is peppered with medieval streets and alleyways which I loved and the cathedral is amazing. I really don’t think I have visited anywhere prettier. I think we had forgotten how good it is to get out of Britain every now and then, and the kids really did get a lot out of it.

I took my smaller camera but found when I got there that I had the wrong lens with me, so my snaps are a mixture of phone and camera. Enjoy!

We have managed another couple of little trips here and there, more on that coming soon. What have you been up to this holiday?


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