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My Newest Favourite Things

19th June 2016 0 Comments

On this rainy Sunday afternoon, I finally got a little time to take some pictures of some of my favourite things I have bought or been given this year. I realised the other day, when I got my handmade bespoke bag from Cathy, that these things all go together beautifully, all being shades of rose gold/copper, brass,cherry, peach or raspberry.


ce leathergoods hat therapy


I have long been hankering for a bag made by my friend Cathy of CE Leather Goods. I have done quite a few craft events and shows with Cathy for a number of years, and this has given me plenty of time to plot exactly what shape, size and colour bag I wanted her to make. I’m actually glad I waited, because since getting my Ipad Air 2 I have been searching for a bag I could safely take my third baby out in, and keep it safe (to explain, my rose quartz coloured Ipad is called my ‘third baby’ in my house – Dexter the dog is my fourth. Evidence I need to get out more … ). Then of course it occurred to me that this is the bag I should ask Cathy to make for me.


ce leathergoods

ce leathergoods

ce leathergoods


She has used cherry leather exactly to my custom dimensions so that my ipad fits in it’s own compartment at the back, safe and sound. The leather Cathy uses is actually saddle leather so it’s really thick and firm, which will give the Ipad plenty of protection. She hand cuts and stitches this thick leather so must have the strength of a medieval long bowman to handle it! The bag was finished with a gorgeous brass buckle. To say I am delighted would be an understatement, and I love that this is a bag that will never wear out, it will simply wear in – just like a good saddle.

My next favourite thing is my Nixon watch that Gary bought me for my birthday. It’s a gorgeous brushed copper finish with a utility-style leather strap. Very retro looking, and not too girly – I’m not one for dainty watches. I actually think the man’s (oversized on me) version would have been even better, but Gary was convinced it would be just too big.


nixon watch


And finally just last week I bought this gorgeous little wash or make-up bag hand made by Chrissie at Hat Therapy. You can see the attention to detail in this little bag, it’s fully lined with contrasting fabric. I just love the raspberry coloured material and the peachy leather bottom part. Let me tell you that this is the softest softest leather I have ever felt, and the contrasting colours and textures are really pleasing. When I was in the shop, there was one larger version of this bag for sale – if you like it I suggest you check it out quickly as Chrissie never makes the same thing twice!


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Not everything in my list are handmade, but half are. I don’t have the pennies to buy bespoke for everything, but I really treasure things I know have been make with love and skill by local artisans. Both Cathy and Chrissie take custom orders for all kinds of accessories, so if you like what you see here, do get in touch with them.

Rachel x

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