After what seems like too many weeks, the bluebells are finally out in the woods where I live. Myself, Dexter dog, Chrissie and her little Westie called Pip went for a quick walk yesterday in the May sunshine. I’m sure all the blue and yellow and bright green of Spring is good for the soul.

I’ve been determined to get some really good bluebell shots, and I try every year! It finally dawned on my this year that it’s probably the carpet of blue that is the most relaxing, as it’s hard to compose a shot of just a few flowers, because they are quite ‘untidy’. I am not complaining, really. I am so lucky to live just a handful of yards away from native English bluebells.


english bluebell woods by rachel lucie

bluebell woods calderdale 2016 web (36 of 37)

english bluebellsby rachel lucie

dogs in the bluebells by rachel lucie

beech woodland by rachel lucie

black labrador dandelions by rachel lucie

dandelions by rachel lucie

beech leaves bluebells by rachel lucie

english bluebellsby rachel lucie

beech leaves bluebells by rachel lucie

birch woods by rachel lucie

birch woods by rachel lucie


I’m so glad that I took my camera along, it was glorious!

In other news, my Craft Show at the Town Hall, Hebden Bridge turned out to be my most successful fair – ever! Being a local event, the stall was a great, and I got to see so many people I knew, and many bought something including my photography as well as jewellery. I’m sure that must be the Spring weather. Would you believe that it’s my first ever fair in my home town?

A very big thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello.


rachel lucie hebden bridge


Rachel x

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