On my walk today I was struck by the cheeriness of dandelions. I know they are a nightmare in the garden, with that tap-root that you can never quite get to the bottom of and the regenerative powers of the greatest sci-fi baddies (do you or don’t you then resort to some kind of terrible weed killer?), but surely you cannot deny the beauty of such an irascible and optimistic weed?


dandelion clock rachel lucie


Many of the verges and waste patches of ground have been covered in a carpet of cheery yellow disks for weeks now, and today I was greeted by a carpet of clocks everywhere I went.


dandelion clock rachel lucie


Now that my camera and blog upload worries seem to be behind me, I had a great time today with my dslr taking some close ups of these beauties.


dandelion clock rachel lucie


I know there are more detailed macro photos, out there, but I enjoyed trying to capture the amazing geometric (and maybe geodesic?) patterns of these dandelion clocks, and I think they rank as one of my favourite flowers of all time.


dandelions rachel lucie x2 (1 of 1)


Just look at the old-lace white of the seed umberellas, and the dimples left behind on the flower head as the seeds all blow away. They are probably off to settle in my garden of course …

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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