{ Please note: this appeal has now ended, and these earrings are still available, now renamed as Aqua Vitae }

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Now for something a little more positive – Hebden Rising Earrings!

Moved by the effects of the floods in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas I wondered what I could do to help (beyond the initial shit-shovelling etc). I decided the most useful thing I could do would be to do the thing I do already – namely sell some jewellery  but this time to raise money.

I was taken by the idea of something based on my Phoenix earrings (‘like a phoenix from the flames’), but whilst I love the sentiment – of Hebden Bridge rising again, I found the idea of flames troubling when dealing with a flood!





I settled on using some gorgeous Swarovski turquoise beads, with partial AB (aurora borealis) coating, and only used rolled gold wire with the raw brass. They have a slightly smaller brass ‘spike’, and the design has ended up being quite summery. I feel that’s perfect, because after the dismal winter we’ve all had, I am definitely looking forward to the warmer brighter days of summer.




Initially I made 8 pairs, as you never know how these things will go, and the proceeds were donated to the Calder Valley Flood Relief Fund, which I had promised to do. All 8 pairs have now sold, which with gift aid and match funding is a staggering £360 raised for the fund! I am delighted, thank you to everyone who bought a pair.

It was after I made them that I started the crowd fund to specifically help Chrissie King from Hat Therapy, and I have decided that the next batch will be donated towards that cause. So, if you didn’t get round to buying them before, you still have until February 5th to do so. If they aren’t to your taste, do you have a friend who might like them, or could you help by tweeting about them and the fund, or sharing on Facebook? It all helps! (I have handily put the links at the top of this page)

We also had the fantastic news today that each donation received will be match funded by the government, so it still means that for every pair of earrings you buy, £45 will be available when the appeal is over.

Thank you once again!

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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