As I turned on my email this morning, I was almost knocked off my chair in a deluge of ‘Black Friday’ deals, offers, ‘quick, don’t wait until Black Friday’ emails. What is going on?!

So, I am actually almost embarrassed to mention that I am having a sale! Yes, it does start on Black Friday, but mine goes all the way until my last order date 18th December. I know that customers and followers that read my blog, or get my shop newsletter might like to know that I am having a sale, because it is a great chance to get your hands on some of my jewellery for a nice sale price, just in time for Christmas – so I do have to tell you somehow!




I am geniunely excited about it, actually. I have decided to part with some pieces that I have made as samples, or have retired from my online shop. I have also included designs I made that I can’t make more of simply because try as I might, I haven’t been able to source the same beads again. I’ll be honest, and say that a good few of them are pieces that I have actually been hoarding, for want of a better word. There – I said it! So, to save me drowning under a weight of jewellery (that no one is able to buy whilst it’s safely stored in Rachel Lucie HQ), why not help me by giving this jewellery a good home?




My handmade jewellery will be available in my Sale Collection, which you can visit now to bookmark, but won’t actually appear until Friday morning. I even have a ‘Facebook Jewellery Sample Sale Event‘ if you would like to attend. I’m excited to see that people are indeed ‘attending’!




I’ve peppered this post with a few examples of handmade jewellery that will be available, watch out for them once the sale starts.

I’ll see you there.

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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