hanging out


Due to some kind of administrative anomaly in Calderdale, this year we have had 7 weeks of summer holidays, now come on, who doesn’t want longer holidays? We don’t win, ultimately, of course, and there are rumours that next year will be 5 weeks to make it up (boo hiss).


calderdale heather

calderdale sunset

picnic breakfast in the woods

a first – picnic breakfast in the woods


In the meantime, we have managed to get away on 2 occasions – 10 days in Pembrokeshire (see holiday dispatches no. 1 and holiday dispatched no. 2), and last week we spent 7 days in Evesham (more in that one soon – the imaginatively named holiday dispatches no. 3 will be out shortly).

In between I have been keeping up with orders and sorting out my technology woes (see technology – pah! although added to those issues was inadvertently managing to download a virulent malware and adware trio onto my new laptop which my antivirus couldn’t find but this all sorted now) we have been just hanging out, and it’s been great fun!


wet grass black and white


lichen rock calderdale


The kids are great company at the moment. They’ve been getting on pretty well most of the time, and are at an age where they enjoy doing quite things by themselves at times of the day, valuing their own space. Daily dog walks are now occurring with a minimum of ‘oh, do we have too’, and we have spent quite a long time naming all the paths we walk on, Winnie the Pooh style. Seeing roe deer a couple of times, along with toads, squirrels and evidence of badgers amongst other creatures inspired them to create a whole world of woodland animals who might live just outside our garden. Think ‘Wind in the Willows’ and ‘Brambly Hedge’ rolled into one. So sweet!


fairy house

secret fairy house the kids made in the woods


I wish I could say the weather has been cracking, but we all know it hasn’t, but you know what, it’s been great to just take it easy.



legs meadow

grass moustache


That’s not to say that I am not ready for the kids to be back at school next week!


finisterre skirt

Rachel x

14th September 2015

Rachel Lucie Johns

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