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It’s been a tricky and frustrating June here in Rachel Lucie HQ. I have been working towards a new branding design including new-look website, blog and logo, along with matching business cards, postcards, labels and tags. This was all going to be celebrated with a blog giveaway to coincide with early summer to launch everything, which is really exciting because I haven’t done a giveaway for so long.


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There have been many trials along the way with my limited time available (see various kitchen posts – this has been eating up my development time this year), which are quite tedious to go into. However, with the kitchen nearly done (yes, that will involve another kitchen post!), I finally got some time at the beginning of June to get the logo finished, launch the new website and work on the blog…


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Rachellucie.co.uk is finished! Please go and have a look, it’s done, and I’m really pleased with it. Then, before I had finished working on my new branding and the printed material design, I dropped a whole cup of hot tea on my laptop and it died. Disaster!

(Now is a good time to implore you to get some back up for your pc and hard drive. I didn’t. I know, I know).


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We had a good 10 days of trying to dry out the machine and then Gary tried to repair it (he is an electronic hardware engineer), but it’s dead. However, the hard drive is ok, and now backed up twice, and on an external drive. I have been able to access orders via my children’s tiny laptop, but certainly couldn’t edit photos on there and didn’t have the software anyway. And all my photos are on it, so none of the new jewellery collection I have here can get launched either.


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Last week was about buying a new laptop and setting that up. I really didn’t plan to buy a new one this year, although the other one was coming up to 4 years old. Email is hard to sort as I have lost so many customer threads (please do give me a nudge if you have been waiting to hear from me, I’m really sorry).

I still doesn’t have my software or photos on this new machine, so work on re-branding has stopped for now. It’s also the last few weeks of the school year, and my boy moves up to grammar school in September, boy has there been a lot of extra stuff to sort out for that.

In meantime Summer hasn’t been waiting for me, of course, so in lieu of the other planned things, I’m sharing some of my recent phone photos today. As you can see, Calderdale is looking amazing and I have been out and about with the dog. He’s learned to wait whilst I grovel about in the undergrowth to capture wild flower photos, and I’m hoping to start again with the grown up camera soon, seeing as he is doing so well.


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So, all in all a tricky month, but let’s look on the bright side: I do have a shiny new website, a shiny new blog and a shiny new logo (please do tell me what you think of these, thanks) and also a shiny new laptop, plus a back up device and everything saved from my hard drive. There will be shiny new jewellery designs available as soon as I can get them online, and there’s that blog giveaway in the pipeline that I promised.

I’d just like to mention that my new laptop has a splash resistant keyboard, in case you were wondering.

Rachel x

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