Look what Dexter found in the woods today, right by the path. This little cutie had frozen stiff, and didn’t move whilst Dexter gently nudged it with his nose. There was a worrying few moments where I wasn’t sure if the dog would try to eat it, but luckily after barking at it a couple of times, the dog decided it wasn’t very interesting and went off sniffing in the undergrowth again.

I went to touch it to see if it was ok, and it moved with all limbs seeming ok so I decided the best thing I could do was to leave it alone. I’m sure mum knew where it was, and it had just plopped out if the tree.

I’ve never been that close to a baby squirrel before, it was pretty exciting (once I was sure it wasn’t going to be a doggy snack).



It’s shaping up to be a rather wonderful spring, don’t you think?

Rachel x

23rd April 2015

Rachel Lucie Johns

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