I just found a lovely real wedding article, featuring a wonderful couple in Bristol where my Ulrica earrings get a little mention! The bride looks gorgeous in the photographs, taken by wedding photographer Sam Gibson, and it turns out that she was given the earrings as a gift. How wonderful that she wore them on the day. Please see below for full credits.

The wedding was in 2012, so hardly hot off the press, but I was delighted for the mention. Thank you to Monique Trulove from French Wedding Style for crediting me. Please go to the full article here and view the rest of their wonderful day.


ulrica earrings real wedding


Well that has just made MY day :)


Photographer: Sam Gibson Photography
Wedding Stylist: The Little Wedding Helper
Wedding Reception Venue: Goldbrick House
Brides Dress…A sale dress from White Rose Bridal. Brigitte had the tulle straps added after seeing the photos of Zara Phillips wedding dress.
Graham’s suit….Fron High and Mighty
Brides shoes…Kurt Geiger
Jewellery…Hair comb custom made from Port Out Starboard Home incorporating a £5.99 brooch found on eBay!
Pearl Necklace borrowed from a friend
Earings were a wedding gift from Graham from Rachel Lucie Jewellery Designs
Graham’s cufflinks were a wedding gift from Brigitte from Not On The High Street. Each cufflink showed a map with the words Paris on one and  Bristol on the other!
Hair and Make up artist: Grace Kingsley 
Flowers: The Wilde Bunch

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    4th December 2014

    Oh my goodness me! I was just having a peep on your website looking for some fab earrings that I could suggest to my husband that he might like to get me for Christmas when I came across this post on your blog and what a lovely surprise to see that it was about our wedding ! Funny thing is that only yesterday I was having a nostalgic peek at my wedding earrings and thinking how gorgeous they were.

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      Rachel Lucie Johns

      6th December 2014

      Hi Brigitte,
      Thanks for stopping by! (which earrings were you going to ‘suggest’ he buy for you – sorry, I’m just nosey!).
      How strange that you happened upon that post. I had no idea that pictures of your wedding were online (and gorgeous, to boot), and literally stumbled across them the other day, only for you to stumble across that. Small world, as they say :)
      I am always delighted to find out what happens to my jewellery after it’s been sent off to it’s new owner, and a wedding is the most magical of all (I told you I was nosey).
      Do drop me a line if you need any help, jewellery-wise. Your blog is lovely, by the way :) x

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      Rachel Lucie Johns

      16th February 2015

      Hi Brigitte, what a lovely coincidence! If your husband does decide to get you a little something, ask him to mention this, so I know who you are :)
      Rachel x