A lovely commission I have been working on this week.


handmade pearl wedding jewellery


Julie wanted some classic pearl and silver wedding jewellery to go with a very sleek, vintage-style dress. She was very keen on a romantic Edwardian feel, and together, between emailing each other phone pictures of jewellery she already had and designs I could make, this is what we came up with. Technology can be invaluable sometimes!


unique pearl bridal earrings


Both the earrings or¬†necklace can easily be worn by Julie after the big day, as they don’t look ‘too bridal’. Nowadays, it’s a lovely touch to be able to use things special items from the wedding, rather than stash it away.


vintage-style pearl and silver necklace


Here’s wishing Julie all the best for her big day!

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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