It’s been half term over the last week, and it’s been great to spend some time with the kids. Specially as they were away the week before skiing with family. I was at home – alone with the puppy – for a week – bliss. But I did miss them all.

Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the week.

family portrait

So what IS the difference between a green and red apple? Lily Β and I decided to do a taste test on a Granny Smith (my favourite) and a Royal Gala.

apple experiment

The view from my new bedroom window. I just love it! I have taken pictures of my new bedroom, which is finally finished, and will post them when edited.

view from my window

Having a small puppy has meant that we’ve been more tied to home than normal over half term – no day trips out, however with little trips to the park, lots of craft, playing and just hanging out, I think it’s been a fine half term. Sometimes it’s just nice to take things quietly.

Now, next week – back to it!

Rachel x

18th February 2014

Rachel Lucie Johns

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