new tools 2014 2

I only use 3 pairs of pliers to make my designs, a trusty set of tools that I have used since I first started. I’m aware that there are many many kinds of pliers on the market, but when I first started I decided to see how I got on and not invest in too much equipment before I knew how to use it or what I wanted to use it for. Well, 5 years later and I decided it would be ok to buy some more. Extravagant, or what?!

new tool 2014 1

I am most excited about my little wire-rounder. I hand finish my ear-wires with a file to take off the sharp edges. A fiddly job, and not my favourite, if I am honest. It’s such a cute little piece, I am looking forward to using it.

new tools 2014 1

I’m really looking forward to using them. As I step up my ways of making jewellery to meet demand, I need to look at ways of making pieces more quickly and I think these will help me.

Rachel x

18th February 2014

Rachel Lucie Johns

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