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The beginning of a new year is always a natural time to take stock. That Christmas break gave me time to think of where I started last year, and what I’ve achieved  by the end of it. I’m not really one for making hard and fast resolutions, but I think part of planning for 2014 must include what I want to achieve going forward, too.

2013 has been a great year, all told. Here’s some of the personal and business achievements I am proud of:

finishing the loft and making it a functioning workspace for me and storage place for the home

completing the 3 bedroom swap that I started in the Christmas holidays last year. Robert and Lily have a new room each, and Gary and I have a bigger room with better storage (it took all the spare time we had nearly all year!)

upgrading my camera gear for the *ahem* 3rd time. I’ve done it in a very round the houses way, but have ended up with a set up that allows me to do exactly what I want. My photography development was also helped by:

attending 2 really useful Be Photography Workshops. Not only did they help me to use the camera more effectively and offer loads of advice, I’ve met some great new friends in the photography field, and it’s given me the confidence for the following:

crystalizing the idea that I want to sell my nature photography, as well as jewellery. A second shop will be launching some time soon – I’ll tell you more nearer the time, but I’m very excited!

getting a dog for us all

being featured in 3 beading and jewellery magazines over the course of the year

attending the Country Living Harrogate Christmas Fair for the second time and successfully increasing my stand size and product range – resulting in much more successful fair

developing www.rachellucie.co.uk and achieving a 20% increase in revenue of my handmade jewellery – woohoo!

Sadly, it’s not all trumpet-blowing around here – I’m sorry to say that these are some things I set out to achieve, but just didn’t pull it off:

getting up and running with the silver-smithing (not enough room in my workspace yet, workflow not streamlined enough, yet)

getting all the research and reading done that I wanted (remember this pile of books? Sadly, I’ve only dipped in and out)

sorting all the house storage and paperwork out (there has been a backlog of proper sorting for several years whilst we have done up the house and had no bedroom or loft for a while, and I’m starting to feel like a mad professor who can’t find anything!)

get some regular exercise, and get outside more

Amongst the things-I-want-to-achieve-but-they-are-not-resolutions are:

sorting out *all* filing and storage and have systems on place for everything to go – for work and home

make time for regular reading – both for pleasure and learning

 blog more regularly

get that exercise sorted, and get outside more – that’s where the dog comes in!

spend more weekend time doing things as a family (no renovations this year, although our downstairs is looking very tired after 10 years of child rearing, having a puppy means it’s a waste of time to tackle it now and I want to spend less time trying to get big jobs done all the time, and enjoy the kids!)

make more effective long and short term business plans

get new website up and running

get my silver-smithing started

look at working with someone to help me with admin and running the business at busy times

I’d love to hear about what you’ve decided to focus for 2014. I’ll keep you posted with how I get on with mine!

Rachel x

14th January 2014

Rachel Lucie Johns

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