desert dream bracelet 2014 f (2 of 4)

I was delighted when  a regular customer, Laura, approached me and asked me to make a custom bracelet based on my Walk in the Woods design, which she already owns. However this time, instead of semi-precious stones in green shades, she wanted yellows, peaches, whites, golds and pinks with the oxidized wire-wrapped silver.

desert dream bracelet 2014 f (3 of 4)

desert dream bracelet 2014 f (4 of 4)

I went through my supplies and if I’m honest, found more stones and pearls in this colour palette than I thought I would! Having sent Laura a rough photo with the different beads labelled, she sent me back her top selection, but left the exact design and stone choice to me. You can see the pictures of what I came up with.

desert dream bracelet 2014 f (1 of 4)

The stones I used were; rose quartz, rutilated quartz, freshwater pearls, Botswana agate, white opal, yellow opal, pyrite, mookaite, lemon chalcedony.

Laura was choosing herself her own Christmas present on behalf of her husband (often better that way, isn’t it?), I hope it hit the spot!


Rachel x

30th January 2014

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    28th January 2014

    Hi Rachel, how lovely to see my bracelet featured! I am SO delighted with it, it’s barely left my wrist since Christmas Day and definitely hit the spot! It was so much fun working through the commission with you, choosing the stones, yet still with an element of surprise to see the final design. I have had so many compliments on it too! Thank you so much!

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      Rachel Lucie Johns

      28th January 2014

      Hi Laura,

      Thanks for popping by! So glad to hear that you like it, I was rather smitten myself – you made some gorgeous choices, and I have to admit I would never have chosen that colour palette. One of the reasons that it’s great to work with people, as you come up with totally new ideas.
      Rachel x