There’s a pretty new magazine on the block (or magazine shelf) The Simple Things.

I’ve been hearing things about it online so decided to buy a copy a couple of months ago, and I must say that I am rather impressed. I initially thought it might be a little hipster/trendy for cynical old me, if I am honest but I did buy another copy, and have now subscribed!

I like the fact that the emphasis is (mostly) on what you do rather than what you are, on making things yourself, and cooking good simple food. The pieces I thought were a little twee initially about taking time to read in the garden under a tree – well you know what; I SHOULD make time to do a bit of that, actually, so why did I mind being gently reminded?


I won’t have the time to do all the things it suggests, but I like the fact that it reminds me about some of the pleasures I used to indulge in before I had kids and started my own business, and life started to get hectic. The photography and styling is all beautiful, and it’s nice to indulge in a little creative dreaming every now and again, isn’t it?

At the end of the day, life is all about the simple things.

If you’d like a little preview, you can view it here. Enjoy!

Rachel x

2nd August 2013

Rachel Lucie Johns

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