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A Summer Painting Project

28th August 2013 0 Comments

I decided as it is the summer holidays, it was high time to get on with the last bits and pieces to finish Lily’s bedroom. This was something that Lily and I could do together and which included painting a basic Ikea wooden kids table and chairs, (this had acquired some extra graffiti in their early years), and putting a notice board up over Lily’s bed so that she can put up her own art. Unfortunately, lining paper in both our kids rooms (bad decision when we first moved in, 14 years ago) means that unless I want to pepper the walls with holes, or rip off the lining paper with bluetack, we can’t put up any pictures.

Lily chose the colours, a lovely deep cornflower blue and white, and decided what colour would be going where.

We bought a cheap Argos pinboard, and below is the unpainted table and chairs.




We took advantage of this lovely summer weather we’ve been having this year, and spread out in the yard, and got painting! I was surprised at Lily’s stamina – she helped paint the blue paint onto to board and masked furniture, right to the end!




Because we used blue emulsion, there had to be an extra stage where I varnished all the blue with water soluble clear varnish.

Then, this weekend we got round to remasking and then painting the white satinwood paint.

We still need to finish off the pinboard, here’s hoping for more dry weather this week.

It was great to share this little project with Lily. It’s so easy to forget to take time for projects like these, in all the hustle and bustle. She loves helping, and told me that she’s decided that because she loves painting so much, she might give up her plans of becoming a make-up artist, and become either an artist, or a painter and decorator!

Rachel x

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