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It was my daughter Lily’s 7th birthday just after the kids broke up from school. We took advantage of the great weather, and went to Lightwater Valley Theme Park for the day – our first trip to a theme park with *proper rides* with the kids.


We had such a great time!


As predicted Robert was a total thrill junky, even persuading his Dad to take him on The Ultimate (billed as the longest roller coaster in Europe) which Gary was not too keen on… And Lily was rather less thrill seeking, not really enjoying the roller coasters at all. We all enjoyed the ‘powder keg’ which was a great low-level spinning thing (NOT to be compared with the walzer though).


swan pedaloes

It was a great introduction to rollercoaster and thrill rides for the kids, with lots of smaller rides to go on, swan pedaloes and a great log flume. There were a couple of truly horrific spinning/head popping rides that none of us fancied, but might keep older kids and proper adrenaline junkies happy, too.



Despite the amazing weather, being right at the start of the holidays it wasn’t too busy, either as most people were straight off on holiday. Great for us, no queues!

My only piece of advice might be to take a nice picnic. We relied on the food there, which not to our taste, but apart from that, it’s a thumbs up from us!


Rachel x

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