Eat a cheese, coleslaw and mustard sandwich out in the sunshine …


stipa gigantia by Rachel Lucie

{stipa gigantia in my garden}


Is it the curse of people who work at home? The blurring of home/work time. Always being ‘in the office’ or just ‘popping upstairs’ to do some work, or work on a new idea?


wasp collecting wood pulp by Rachel Lucie

{wasp collecting wood pulp}



{sitting smelling the thyme}


I love my job that I have made for myself, I love being able to change my hours to suit my creative spirit and work around my family. I LOVE getting a little inspiration and popping upstairs to work in it sometimes. I don’t think I have the discipline or linear mind required to go Β to a workshop and work, then leave it all there.



london pride honey bee (1 of 1)

{London’s pride full of bees}


BUT that comes with a downside. Perhaps you would agree with me, here – it’s so easy to never be really at work nor at home! I am not always the most productive person, and am given to distraction (no, you cry). I find that I feel I always have to play catch up.



lining up pebbles (1 of 1)


There’s always more to do! Maybe it’s running my own website, basically my own shop-front and keeping it stocked, replenished, the photography fresh, writing the copy and all the other things that are involved outside of making orders and stocking galleries.



{we’ve already had 2 crops of rhubarb this year!}


london pride bumble bee (1 of 1)

{more bees in the London’s pride}


I tend to feel I shouldn’t take a little time off to walk out the back of my house in the woods, or sit in the garden eating my lunch.

Actually why?!


red potentilla by Rachel Lucie


So, with the lovely weather we’ve had the last few days, I did just that. I gave myself a lunchtime off, and sat in my garden. I took the time to make a cheese, coleslaw and mustard sandwich, instead of smearing hummus on toast at high speed and going back upstairs.


wedding day rose buds by Rachel Lucie

{first year we’ll have flowers on our roses}


And it felt lovely! I realised I hadn’t really pottered in the garden like this for weeks.

I’ve decided that some proper time off would in turn make me more productive when I was supposed to be working. I’m going to try more of this, let’s see how it pans out. Take a few more lunches outside, and see what’s going in. I’ve always been obsessed with the small, and like to get up close to things (great for a jewellery maker). It’s surprising that I found all this outside in half an hour in the sunshine, in my garden, today.


purple sage by Rachel Lucie

{purple sage}



{bumper red currant crop!}


Do you work for yourself from home? I’d love to hear about your work /life balance and how you achieve it.

Rachel x

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...


  1. Reply

    Lynsey @ swirlyarts

    9th July 2013

    So true about the work life balance – I’m constantly juggling to make sure that the balance is right but I feel guilty when I take time off! I’m also prone to distraction………

    • Reply

      Rachel Lucie Johns

      9th July 2013

      Hi Lynsey, thanks :)
      Yes, I think that the key to the whole issue – feeling bad for taking time off, but in my case, then getting burnt out because that’s exactly what I need to help me be more productive when I am working! This balance thing is a work in progress. And yes … distraction … oh, did you see that? …