It all really started once we reroofed our house 2 years ago. I thought I’d show you just what we’ve been up to, and why I’ve been shut (now REOPENED, though!).

We live in a little 3 bedroomed house, with my boy and girl sharing, in the biggest room, whilst I worked from home in the box room. Here is the post about my Etsy orange creative space, when it was finished back in  2009. I loved it, but even then it was small, and with a boy and a girl, it was only a matter of time before they would need their own rooms meaning a room all of my own to work in was a bit of a luxury.

So, we needed more space, and 2 years ago started on the roof which needed replacing anyway, with a view to convert it into a proper, fly-free clean space that I could also work in (I won’t go into how gross the loft was before, suffice to say that it wasn’t lined and had 80 years of valley smog and smut lining the drafty rafters). We finished and moved me up there last October and you may remember I posted about it here.

Up until this point, all the messy, dirty work had taken place without disrupting our normal lives too much, except in terms of time (tag-team diy every weekend, taken in turns and juggling looking after the kids, you know how it is). But then we really broke everything! We moved the boiler downstairs, into our kitchen, and moved all 3 upstairs radiators in order to start phase 3 – the bedroom rejig! Since then, I have been without fixed bedroom, or in other words, camping in the lounge. Ah, reliving those student bedsit days.

We have created Robert a room of his own, in my old box-room/workroom by making a really high platform bed that Gary cleverly designed so that it has no ‘legs’ as such, only a ladder in one place supporting it, maximizing that floor space to the max. Robert picked a wood/white and khaki theme which manages to be both earthy and light and airy at the same time – he’s only 9!

platform bedframe 1

platform bedframe 2

platform bedframe 3

platform bedframe 5

platform bedframe 6

Robert's room 2

Now, I am really pleased with the results, and more importantly, so is Robert. It has really been timed well, as he is just getting to that age when he needs a bit of space, to read and spread out his lego.

Robert's room finished 4

platform bed, maximizing storage space, hand-built by Gary

Robert's room finished 4

Billy Bookcase in orange, keeping everything off the floor

Robert's room finished 2

yes, more Ikea furniture

special things

plenty of room for special things

Finally Robert has all his things in one place, not spread all over the house in tucked away places.

We realised early on that small space living was where we were at, and with the considerable help of Ikea, we have managed to maximise our spaces really well. It’s an ongoing process, and next I’ll show you what’s been happening in my daughter’s room! :)

Rachel x

16th May 2013

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Tracy Smith

    10th May 2013

    It looks wonderful and raising the bed like that is a great way to create more space. Your son must love his new room :D

    • Reply

      Rachel Lucie Johns

      10th May 2013

      Cheers, Tracy! Yes, he does. The bed has handholds in it so that he can dangle and climb on it, too. Being in the smallest room actually suits him quite well :)