The beginning of the year is a busy time in our house; Gary and I have our anniversary, then Gary’s birthday, then mine, then Valentine’s day. If we can manage it, we try to get away and do something special together without the kids, and this weekend we managed to have a little getaway to Manchester to kind of celebrate everything at once.

Here’s a little montage of what we got up to, it was so nice to get away, even if it was only as far as Manchester.

We stayed in the Atrium Apartments, a place we have used before and love. They are situated right next to Canal Street, and they have lovely big rooms with a kitchenette, so are a great place to use as a base for the weekend. We visited Marks and Spencers on the way in and got some gorgeous nibbles, plus croissants for the next morning and champagne for before we went out for the evening. We tried a little shopping (remind me, don’t try THAT again on a Saturday afternoon – heaving!) then hung out in our lovely room and got ready to go out for early tea at Grinch, before going to The Comedy Store.

I have to admit, the show was longer than I was expecting, although I can’t complain as we saw 5 very funny and different comedians. We managed a quick nightcap at The Midland Hotel on our way home, and the next day enjoyed a lovely long lie in and croissants.

We got back to the shops nice and early on Sunday, before the crowds and mooched for a while before some lovely lunch at The Blue Daisy on Oldham Street, then home on the train.

I could really get used to this, but these snatched times together, just us again, are few and far between. Maybe that’s what makes them so special?

Rachel x

1st February 2013

Rachel Lucie Johns

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