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The thing was that I was going to save this little owl until Lily’s bedroom was ready. When I saw it on Manda of Treefall Design’s stand at the BCTF I knew it was perfect for Lily, who has the largest blue eyes, and often reminds me of an owl (she seems to love them, too!). I finally bought it at Christmas, where it was specially made to arrive in time, but I didn’t want it to get lost with all the other presents, and really it is for when her new bedroom was ready. It’s been sitting patiently in secret in a box in my workroom but today I crumbled and gave it to her! No will power…

You know when you make improvements to your home and you feel that you will NEVER get to the end, well, it’s been feeling like that around here for a good couple of years. The end result will be the kids in a room each, a workspace for me, and a new bedroom for us. The loft/workroom is finished (I say finished, I mean I am up there!) and now I have finished decorating what was my workroom, so that Robert can move in. Gary is building a platform bed to save space as it as a really tiny space. You may remember me originally moving in in this blog post a few years ago. I will try to post some pictures when it is finished again in it’s new guise as a boy’s bedroom. Next, we will move out of our room to I don’t know where whilst I decorate it so that Lily can move in, then we get to have the kids old room and decorate that. Then we can FINALLY decorate our hall which has been carpetless for more years than I will admit to, then it will be the lounge which was last done 10 years ago, before children and looks like a room that has had children in it for 10 years. Oh, and the kitchen has taken so long that we’ve changed our minds about the colour. I stopped painting it when I found out I was pregnant with Lily 6 years ago.

So, after years of boxes moving around the house, no space etc, I do feel like this is a turning point this weekend. Gary is actually building things to make the room. Maybe that’s why I gave Lily the owl, because I needed to see that her room WILL be happening really soon.

Manda does the most amazing textile designs, and you can go and buy your own owl in the Treefall Design Etsy Shop. But you can’t call it Flappy, because that’s what our one is called, and Lily says she loves him – he’s tucked up with her in bed tonight.

treelfall designs handmade owl s


Rachel x

28th February 2013

Rachel Lucie Johns

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