rondelle madness

I  thought I ought to show you some of the bead goodies I have been getting recently.

This coiled selection of rondelles is part of my new stacked jewellery range, following on from popular Arran, Avalon and Navajo ranges. You can see chrysoprase, blue lace agate, pink opal, prehnite, morganite, amazonite, aquamarine and muscovite, quite a mouthful! The world of possibility awaits …

blue lace agate squares

Blue lace agate squares, very dainty, and such a gorgeous cornflower blue.

lemon quartz faceted nuggets

Rough faceted lemon quartz nuggets.

sesame jasper

Sesame jasper, daintier that the last ones I had, but it does mean I can bring ‘Nordri’ back, I’ve been waiting ages to find more!

fluorite rondelles

Fluorite rondelles, beautiful and large and smooth, can’t wait to use these.

My urge to keep these for myself is strong, but I promise I’ll be back with some new designs soon!

Rachel x

1st February 2013

Rachel Lucie Johns

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