There are plenty of new designs over on for summer. I always really like oxidized silver in summer designs, and this year have concentrated on some hot colours to really fire you up!

Mars Agate Necklace

Mars Necklace

Mars Agate Necklace

features ornate oxidized silver chain

Mars Handmade Earrings

Mars Earrings

My Mars necklace and earrings feature these gorgeous dyed red agate beads with fluted silver beads and ornate links and chain. There is a crazed pattern in the beads, and being agate they are super-shiny.

Navajo Oxidized Earrings

Navajo Earrings

Navajo Handmade Necklace

Navajo Necklace

I have created Navajo necklace and earrings, with the alternate option of the Nomad necklace. These follow on from my popular stacked-bead designs (such as Avalon necklace and earrings / Jura necklace, Arran necklace and earrings / Guinevere Necklace and Faroe necklace and earrings / Polychrome necklace designs).

Nomad Handmade Necklace

Nomad Necklace

The turquoise, howlite, carnelian and pyrite beads are really set off well by the oxidized silver, I think. There are also some different little design details from others in the range, such as the earrings being make with square wire, instead of round.

I now now also have a great new feature on my website, where when viewing any piece of jewellery, you can easily find if there are matching items to go with it by clicking the tab ‘Goes with’.

These designs are from my Folklore Jewellery Collection, you can find more hot summer jewellery inspiration there!


Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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