Thought I’d share with you a little idea I had to recycle an old piece of bannister we had to remove in our home.

Hidden under layers of gross brown-of-the-worst-kind paint was a gorgeous hardwood piece of wood, from 100 years ago way back in the days when they thought nothing of using tropical hardwood for everything.
I really didn’t want to get rid of something that had been part of our house since it was built all those years ago, and it getting sawn threw was what first revealed the gorgeous wood under said horrible paint.
All I’ve done here is remove the paint and sand it smooth on the outside, not too much, and get them chopped into different thicknesses. Perfect for displaying my jewellery this weekend at my trade fair. I also have various sizes of (very expensive!) clear acrylic blocks, and I think the two will be juxtaposed beautifully. And let’s not forget these blocks are free – the best kind of recycling!
I’ve just thrown some pieces of jewellery on here and snapped them on the windowsill, because I got all excited – the edges still need sanding, but you get the idea!
I’ve also designed some compliment slips which arrived today, something I have never had before (not sure how I managed that) and am really pleased with how they turned out. Tomorrow the wholesale brochures arrive – I’m really excited!
Have you got any funky jewellery display ideas?
Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...


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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    12th April 2012

    cheers, Penny! :)

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    11th April 2012

    Those wood blocks look sensational, and no one would guess what they were originally. Fab recycling!

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    10th April 2012

    thanks, I hope so :)
    I'll post pictures of my layout when I come back next week.

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    10th April 2012

    That does look stunning, what a clever idea. I think you're spot on, the old and the new (perspex blocks) will look amazing as a contrast together.