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March 2012


A couple of phone snaps of necklace rethreads I’ve done recently. A lovely long amber-chip necklace. Not something I normally work with, but amber has a pleasing warmth and lightness. I have rethreaded using steel wire and sterling silver findings. Red coral necklace rethread,…

12th March 2012

BCTF preparations

I’ve been designing all my business cards and postcards for the British Craft Trade Fair (15th-17th April) over the last few days. My promotional postcard, featuring my new mannequin and a new design (more in the mannequin later): My updated business card, front and…

11th March 2012

Don’t look at the light!

Something that really caught my eye on my recent trip to the V & A in London recently was the decoration and lighting. I was captivated by the lighting in the restaurant area whilst I ate my lunch. Isn’t it incredible? There will never…

5th March 2012