Last week I had the rare treat of getting to go to London by myself for a few days. I hardly ever get down there, and haven’t been anywhere on my own like that for nearer to 20 years than I am willing to admit in public.

So, it happened that the rest of the family went skiing, and I opted for 3 days in London. I got loads of inspiration, and really crammed a lot on. I will probably blog about bits and bobs that caught my eye, but today, I have some random lunch snaps!

Tea in Harrods

Lunch at Prufrock
I also enjoyed, but didn’t snap, dinner at Jamie’s Italian, Angel and lunch at Polpo, Beak Street. I had my tea one night at Fire & Stone at Spitalfields.
I spent most of a day in the V & A, and popped into a 1 day designer sale at Craft Central. I went to see ‘Bring me the head of Adam Riches’ at the Soho Theatre (hilarious – and only got ‘volunteered’ to join in on stage. Equity will not be calling…) and spent another good few hours in Hatton Garden. I met up with a friend for lunch after 23 years, and spent a lovely morning in Liberty’s.
I certainly packed it in for 3 days, armed with my smart phone with GPS and my trusty AtoZ, I wanted to take as much inspiration as I could manage and it was worth every minute!

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    27th February 2012

    I know, it was fab, wasn't it? We've made a pact to not leave it so long next time. So glad you could meet me at such short notice! :) x

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    27th February 2012

    It was sooo sooooo lovely to see you. Can't believe it's been more than 20 years, didn't feel like it had been more than a few months!!!