I happened to have a rather significant birthday, yesterday. Yes, the big 4.0.

I was really feeling the pressure that ‘one should have a party’ and was humming and harring about it for a good while, until I realised something. I love parties, but I don’t like MY OWN parties. I never have. I feel awkward and don’t like being the centre of attention (except when I’m not supposed to be, so contrary!). Anyway, you know what, if turning 40 is about anything, it’s about learning to accept yourself for who you are, and what you like. A 40th is for no one else other than you (me, in this case). So, after I accepted that fact, I felt ok to decide exactly what I did want.

When Gary asked what I wanted to do, I said to go away for the weekend, just us two (such a rare treat since we had the kids) for the weekend, somewhere beautiful and it be a surprise (another rare treat in our hectic lives nowadays).

The in-laws kindly agreed to have the kids for Saturday night, and we dropped them off at their house near Wigan on our way to the Lakes – and I had no idea where we were going! It was so exciting, heightened by the fact that the snow was starting and we really needed to get there before we couldn’t. Gary was rather stressed this point!

Anyway, we got there (Grasmere), just as the snow really started, parked up and got togged up for a big stomp out round Grasmere and Rydal and back round to Grasmere, all in the beautiful snow. It was totally magical, and considering what the weather can be like in the Lakes at this time of year, amazing luck (once we got there). We got snowed in for the night!

Our pad for the night was Moss Grove Organic, a beautiful bed and breakfast, with an ethical organic policy in the way it was renovated and is now run. Take a look at our lovely room. You can’t see the large spa bath and blue-lit bathroom from there….

So, snowed in, having had a great walk in the hills, showered and a relax in our lovely room, we went to our prebooked table at The Jumble Room (well done, again, Gary!) for the most amazing meal. Apparently this cafe only opens for some evenings and gets booked up a few weeks in advance, I’m not surprised because the food was amazing.

Next a quick whisky mac at a great bar, Tweedies, just over the road from our B&B then home to bed. The next morning we awoke to the winter wonderland and after our mediterrean breakfast went for a walk to Easedale Tarn and back.

Here’s some shots of our walk on Sunday, you’ll have to wait for the others which are on my new film camera.

…And the snow very handily cleared up in time for us to drive home, collecting the kids on the way.

A magical fairytale weekend, I feel very spoilt! :)

Rachel x

10th February 2012

Rachel Lucie Johns

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