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January 2012

  • Something from my bench

    Here’s a bespoke pair of earrings I made this week for a lovely customer. As a fan, like me…

    31st January 2012
  • Wordless Wednesday

    Rachel x Rachel x
    **This giveaway is now finished** Here’s what you could win: My handmade Chrysanthemum necklace make with 18 individual freshwater…

    12th January 2012
  • Earth Love ♥

    Some heart-shaped inspiration for you today. Hearts found in nature. It must be a sign! Rio Negro Province, Argentina, see…

    10th January 2012
  • Tatler Magazine – pictures!

    Yes, I finally have pictures of Rachel Lucie Jewellery in Tatler Magazine (January’s edition)! So pleased my Vasilisa Earrings…

    6th January 2012
  • Beating the winter blues

    I’m cheering myself up today in this terrible weather we’ve been having. This beautiful diary is what I will…

    5th January 2012
  • New Resolutions!

    Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had some wonderful time off, some family time, good food and good company (plus some…

    3rd January 2012