Dear Anon,

Thank you for your letter, received today at my home address. It appears you have forgotten the first page of this letter and also to include either details of who you are, how you may be contacted and of exactly what (if anything specific) you feel I have done regarding copyright infringement of (your?) photographic images.

I, along with many other people use Pinterest as a way of collating things I find on the web that inspire and interest me. Pinterest itself will log the website that this image was originally taken from when pinned. I also normally, where possible, include the name of the person or website it was taken from. (Have I been remiss in some cases?)

I recently included ‘pins’ I had collected for my mood boards for my new jewellery collections here on my blog. They linked back to the Pinterest pages they came from and I spent time finding out where possible, where they had originated from. I have not used any one else’s images for my own commercial gain, and whilst I may have been naive about image use and copyright law, I certainly have not deliberately acted deliberately to ‘steal’ images.

If my use of an image has upset you, I am very sorry. However, the effect of a letter sent anonymously to my home address is quite intimidating and I have reported this incident to my local police station. I find the tone of the letter very upsetting and completely unnecessary, it’s certainly not the way to approach things if you want a resolution to your actual problem as I have no details to go on! I have also contacted Pinterest.

I am more than willing to remove any offending images immediately from where ever you feel I have used them out of turn, their use is only meant to share something I love, and not to upset. However I can’t do this without any information from yourself. Please contact me via email (not letter) if you would like to resolve this issue and move on.


Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...


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    10th November 2011

    A well handled and considered reply. Hope it resolves itself satisfactually. There's too much hassle in life as it is!

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    18th October 2011

    thank you both! I have received some fantastic support today from online friends an wider online community. It's been really uplifting, actually. Who says the internet isn't real?!

    I doubt I will find out exactly what the problem is, but at least I've tried. Anyway, enough of all that rubbish, onwards and upwards, I say!

    Rachel x

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    18th October 2011

    What a horrible cowardly thing for that person to have done. They know it or it wouldn't be anonymous.

    Poor you, I hope the person concerned reads it. Well handled I believe ( by you ) x Gabs

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    18th October 2011

    Sheesh – That's awful. It's not like it isn't easy to contact you here in any number of ways.

    I seriously wonder sometimes about people. Pinterest is entirely about sharing things people love – putting stuff together that you may later go back to buy even, when you have the money. So many people get business directed to them through shared pins. What do you lose? Privacy? If you don't want to share a small crappy image of something, why put it on the internet? It's not like the Pin is a high quality thing to be printed?

    Anyway – don't be too creeped out.
    Take care.