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October 2011

  • Moonshine Jewellery!

    Moonshine Bracelet Maybe I’ve gone a little crazy, but this design has been begging me to make it for a couple…

    21st October 2011
  • Don’t talk to wolves!

    Little Red Riding Hood Necklace Little Red Riding Hood Earrings New jewellery from my Folklore Collection – Little Red…

    18th October 2011
  • Fancy a Gin Fizz?

    New Gin Fizz Earrings, from the Speakeasy Collection. Is it immodest to say they are my favourites that I…

    16th October 2011
  • A present

    A sweet little necklace for a 13 year old. A Swarovski fuchsia bead with a freshwater pearl and sterling silver heart…

    10th October 2011
  • Book Inspiration

    I love old books, and use them a lot for photographing my jewellery on. Because the ornate titles are rather busy…

    10th October 2011
  • Rachel Lucie in Vogue, again!

    November’s Vogue is now in the shops, and when you get yours, go to the ‘Vogue Gems’ section,…

    6th October 2011