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October 2011

Moonshine Jewellery!

Moonshine Bracelet Maybe I’ve gone a little crazy, but this design has been begging me to make it for a couple of months now, and I could hold back no longer. I’m really pleased at how it turned out. I’ve hand-shaped square sterling silver…

21st October 2011

A reply to the writer of this letter

Dear Anon, Thank you for your letter, received today at my home address. It appears you have forgotten the first page of this letter and also to include either details of who you are, how you may be contacted and of exactly what (if…

18th October 2011

Don’t talk to wolves!

Little Red Riding Hood Necklace Little Red Riding Hood Earrings New jewellery from my Folklore Collection – Little Red Riding Hood necklace and earrings. Dainty rubies with the large navette links give a folk-style look to this design. ‘My, what big eyes you have,…

18th October 2011

Fancy a Gin Fizz?

New Gin Fizz Earrings, from the Speakeasy Collection. Is it immodest to say they are my favourites that I have designed this season?! I do love them! I have used crystal chandelier beads with sterling silver links to create them, and they really encapsulate…

16th October 2011

A present

A sweet little necklace for a 13 year old. A Swarovski fuchsia bead with a freshwater pearl and sterling silver heart on a fine diamond cut 16inch chain. Rachel x Rachel x…

10th October 2011

Book Inspiration

I love old books, and use them a lot for photographing my jewellery on. Because the ornate titles are rather busy for product shots, I tend not to use them. But I think sometimes, I should make them the stars of the show :)…

10th October 2011