It’s taken me a while to process this, but I went to London a couple of weeks ago to visit my Dad who lives in Tottenham. He actually lives on the road that joins Tottenham High Street right where the Carpet Right shop was on the corner, a beautiful and distinctive Art Deco building which was originally the Coop Building. This is only 1/4 of a mile from the police station where it all started.

Unfortunately, I never saw that Coop building in all it’s glory, it was demolished by the time I visited my Dad.

 More damage.

 bins melted from across the street from the fire of the Coop building

The old post office, there are still ornaments on the mantel shelf of the building behind.

Many words have been typed and spoken by other more qualified people than me about the Riots this summer, so I won’t add my comments, suffice to say it’s a very complicated and worrying situation that we have faced. I wanted to share what I saw, I think my pictures speak for themselves.

Something cheerier next post, I promise!

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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