Hello, I’m back from my holidays in France with my family, we’ve had a great time! (above – the drive of Chenonceau Chateau – no one does avenues like the French)

This is the first year we’ve gone abroad with the kids for 4 years, and the first time me and Gary have been back to France for such a long time, I’ve really missed it.

Our ambitious plans took us from Hebden Bridge to Rouen on day 1, via the Channel Tunnel, then down to our campsite in the Loire for day 2, where we stayed for 3 days. Next was a drive down to a little hamlet near Terrasson, just west of Brive where we had a house a pool – luxury after camping, I can tell you!

Our last few days was spent in another campsite near Mihaguet near Limoges then 2 monster days of driving back up France to Rouen again, and up Britain the next day.

Sounds a lot, but it was all rather relaxing and a great way to see more of France, and get to our favourite part in the Dordogne region with small kids. So I have lots to share!

I’m going to space out some random posts with things that I loved in France, over the next few weeks, along with my normal posts. Hope you like my pictures.

Today, I thought I’d share my pictures of Chenonceau Chateau, on the river Cher, in the Loire Valley, from the beginning of our holiday.

This is the first floor, right over the river…

Perfect for chess, we decided!

The second floor gallery was amazing, I was captivated by those orchids
One of the many gardens in the Chateau

The detail in the masonry and interiors was amazing

One of the many patterned walls inside

More to come next week :)

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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