Hi there, yes I know it’s late!

Hope you’ve had a great half term. We decided right at the end of the week to take advantage of the weather, and bought a new (massive and rather fantastic, it turns out) tent, complete with carpet (yes, I’m an out and proud glamper) and went off to a site near Pickering for a couple of days. How great it was to get away, and how much I needed it, I can’t tell you! I have been so busy this year, what with doing my website, the BCTF, new stockists, new products and several craft fairs. We haven’t been away in all the good weather of Easter, either. So anyway, this week, family fun took priority, and my posting is late.

I can’t believe it’s half way through the year already, would somebody please explain how that happened? I’ve only just started writing the correct date!

So, it’s June, and as you can see, everything has exploded in greenness in Hebden Bridge by now. Those woods I am looking at, Machpelah Woods, are truly amazing. And rather distracting, it has to be said. If I totted up how many hours a week I spent looking at them…. Sorry I couldn’t conjure up some sun this morning for my picture, maybe I’ll manage it for 1st July.

I do have lots of other exciting news to share with you, too…more on that later :)

You can now check out:

View from my window 1st of January
View from my window 1st of February
View from my window 1st of March
View from my window 1st April
View from my window 1st May
View from my window 1st June
View from my window 1st of August – ish
View from my window 1st September
View from my window 1st October
View from my window 1st November
View from my window 1st December

Happy June!
Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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