I’ve been having my house re-roofed, and as part of this we had to clear out our loft. You might remember I blogged about finding various things we had only just remembered we hadn’t seen for years – in the loft!

We also found these. Gary’s old toy cars, you think?

Wrong – mine! I was a bit of a tomboy when I was tiny, and shunned dolls and girly things for bugs and playing with toy cars – although this wore off as I got older. Is it me, but I’m sure the world wasn’t so gendered back in those days…

The memories and feelings stirred up by finding my very well loved cars from so long ago, I can’t tell you! Just in time, too, to pass my cars to my kids, 7 and 4, who have been having great fun playing with them this week, too.

And the best thing of all? Finding a little pipe-cleaner man my Dad made still in my old tractor! In the days when everyone smoked, and pipes were common (remember that?!) my Dad always had his pipe on the go. He often used to make these little men for me out of spare pipe-cleaners. This little fella is probably *ahem* 35yrs old!

It got me thinking which of my childrens’ toys will be those special favourites that they want to always keep.
Broom broom!
Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    11th May 2011

    he he, thanks! I really welled-up at the thought of my kids playing with my battered old cars, I didn't even imagine I'd ever had kids when I saved them. funny how life turns out, isn't it?

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    11th May 2011

    Such a sweet story :)