So how are all these things be related?

A new world view:
We are getting our roof redone at the moment, and so my lovely view has changed:

from this……to this

Maybe it’s a new view of the world rather than a new world view.

Treasures in the Attic
The roof being done has made us finally get into that loft/attic and properly clear it out – it didn’t make for a great weekend (although I did manage to snatch a few local trips out with the kids – more on that later), but it was totally worth it as we found some treasures we thought had gone forever!

In a box right at the back of the loft, wrapped in yellowed old newspaper were some gorgeous old bottles I didn’t even remember having. I am aware that this does reveal me as a bit of a bottle addict, specially when you take into account this post…and this one…..and this one….

But the most surprising thing was the newspaper they were wrapped up in. The date on the paper is April 10th 1999! What are the chances of that? Not only was that EXACLTY 12 years ago yesterday when we re-found it, but it dates that box to being one we wrapped up to move to this house, way before the Millenium, before kids, and before PMT.
As revealed by the article I unwrapped, PMT was ‘pre millenium tension’!
Do you remember how anxious we all were about the Millenium bug?! How we all felt compelled to do something AMAZING to mark the new Millenium?! How bloody long ago that was!

Life before kids:
In another box, with paper dated February 2003 we found ALL the things we have realised over the last few years that we have misplaced. There was the set of pictures by some Renaissance artist (name forgotten) of the four seasons made from either fruits, flowers, stems or other plant matter that we loved. Then we found the fantastic cocktail book ‘American Bar‘ bought for us as a moving in present that ONLY THE OTHER DAY we realised we hadn’t seen for years! There was the tiny, and as I remember quite useless, pestle and mortar we used to have. Ok, I’m not so bothered about that…And there was the sheeps skull that I have had for years. Maybe that is a strange thing to have, but it appeals to my latent museum curator alter ego :)

So why was February 2003 significant? It was the month I became pregnant with my first child, the month when everything changed, when hormones removed my memory (or at least that kind of organizing memory that lets you know where you put stuff), when the mayhem and lack of sleep began. We started decorating the kitchen in early 2003, and I never quite finished (fumes, pregnancy and paranoia about fumes – and then just, well, kids). Everything went in boxes and we forgot about it. It was when our ‘life before children’ ended, and an exciting new life and more chaotic life began.

This weekend I have loved remembering all the wonderful changes that happened to us as we settled down and became a family instead of a couple, I love that we had treasures in our loft waiting to be re-discovered. The 2 times those boxes were packed, it turns out, couldn’t have been more significant in our lives. Who knew all that was in the loft? Well, obviously not us!

And I love the fact that I finally found those bloody things that have been missing!

Is it too early for a cocktail? :)

Rachel x

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