Following my post about my love of botanical prints, here are some of the new designs available in the  Botanica Handmade Jewellery Collection.

Forget Me Not ~ natural blue lace agate combined with tiny faceted iolite beads. Together the blue is intensified, making this a very striking combination. They really are this blue!

Flower Garden ~ create your own garden! Multi-gems suspended in a charm style from a charming sterling silver chain

More floral delights can be found in my Botanica Collection :)
(P.S. I have trying out a new way of posting in the last few days, which lead to multiple posts going out, in a format I didn’t like. I have removed this, now. Thanks for your patience!)
Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...

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    15th April 2011

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