We were given a wonderful treat a week ago yesterday. Lily came running into my bedroom saying ‘Mummy, quick – there’s DEERS outside!’

I jumped out of bed and there indeed were 6 deer frolicking around in the field outside (not 4 as I say on the film). They must have been there for 15 or 20 minutes that we saw. They were full of the joys of spring, the 2 bucks chasing the does around, and plenty of flirting going on!

It’s so special because in 10 years of living here, backing onto woodland and further up the moorland beyond, I have only seen the deer from my house about 4 times. Roe deer are pretty big, too. How they manage to be so secretive, I don’t know.

You will also be treated to the sound of me trying to encourage my son to wake up and get out of bed!

Rachel x

16th March 2011

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    16th March 2011

    wow, Ida, you totally trumped me – moose?! we just don't have anything that big in the wild over here.

    thanks, Ginny! you made me smile :)

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    Ginny Huber

    16th March 2011

    Lovely to catch your wildlife video, Rachel..and to hear your voices!Sweet posting!

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    Ida @ adroitjewelers and professionalifeadvisor

    16th March 2011

    Very cool! I always get excited when I see something in the wild. Especially moose!