Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...


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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    9th March 2011

    hmm, might need some context. Marky doesn't mean anything except a nickname for someone called Mark, as far as I know! If you say 'murky' in a really posh English accent, it could sound like 'marky'…! Could sound like 'meerka' in a Brummy accent (that's Birmingham!)

    it's a great photo, isn't it? love finding these :)

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    Ginny Huber

    8th March 2011

    This is a fantastically brilliant photo! Lovely to see it here, Rachel. And on another topic, I need a translation: what does "Marky" mean in relation to weather..did she mean murky..or is that a term in Brit English?!! Thanks..