It’s my birthday on Monday, and I decided to treat myself to a little something.

For obvious reasons, I very rarely buy myself jewellery, but this birthday I thought what the heck!

Here’s what I bought, a fantastic oxidized silver wire-wrapped pendant from GlitzGlitter on Etsy. The polish on the pyrite stone is truly mesmerizing.

They arrived all the way from the US in 4 days flat, including the weekend, so I didn’t have long to wait!

What’s that you say, there’s earrings there too? Well the most delightful thing of all was that as I opened my beautifully wrapped pendant, out popped the earrings. Celia (Miss GlitzGlitter herself) knew it was my birthday and popped them in too. I was totally blown away, isn’t she a sweety?

If you would like to have your own glittering pyrite pendant, you can buy them here and the earrings here. Celia has many many more delights in her Etsy shop.

Who said pyrite was ‘fool’s gold’?

Keep your eyes on my blog on Monday, I will be announcing something special in one of my shops to help celebrate my birthday, come and join me!

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...


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    4th February 2011

    This is really nice. I am a bridesmaid later in the year and colours will be black and gold…

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    Ginny Huber

    4th February 2011

    Hi Rachel: It's still your birthday here in I caught up! beautiful pyrite jewelry from Ms.! have a wonderful year and wear it in good health as my grandmother used to say..

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    4th February 2011

    thanks for all the birthday wishes, made me very happy already. I'll be burnt out by Sunday!

    BTW, it's been pointed out by my nearest and dearest that my birthday is actually on Sunday…..but I'm certainly not going to be organizing something online then, so Monday it will be!

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    By Sweet Mom

    3rd February 2011

    happy birthday, looks so beautiful:)

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    3rd February 2011

    Gorgeous!! Happy Birthday!!!

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    Jami (eclu)

    3rd February 2011

    they are beautiful !!
    happy birthday :)
    well done Celia !!

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    3rd February 2011

    Happy birthday for Monday! Thank you for sharing so much through your blog, you are an inspiration!


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    Heart Gallery

    3rd February 2011

    What a lovely treat Rachel and how kind of Celia-the world should be full of gentle souls it would be a far nicer place. Have a great Birthday Monday, Alison x

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    3rd February 2011

    so pretty!

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    3rd February 2011

    A beautiful purchase and a beautiful gift to go with it. I've always loved Celia's work… stunning, it is. :)

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    3rd February 2011

    Happy early birthday sweetie and what a wonderful gal that Celia is :) I'm mad for pyrite and probably would have fallen over backwards to have the whole set!

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    3rd February 2011

    I would probably pick the same piece – although it's hard to decide in Celia's shop because everything's so gorgeous! But I LOVE the faceted pyrite – and so versatile!

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    3rd February 2011

    What a great gesture to purchase something for yourself from an artisan in the same profession and then blog about it. Awesomeness Rachel and what a gorgeous gift you've given yourself. Happy Birthday!!

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    3rd February 2011

    I love Celia's work – I have some myself, as does my mother! Sweet post, Rachel. And Happy Birthday!

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    3rd February 2011

    they are truly beautiful! aren't you a lucky gal!

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    3rd February 2011

    Aww, I am so glad you like them :D Happy Birthday!!

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    Shonda herblueyestudio

    3rd February 2011

    Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope it is an amazing day for you tucked away in your little nook of paradise. xo

    Isn't Celia just a doll and she just makes the most amazing jewelry ever! Love Always Shonda xo