Desperate D.I.Y

Or…  How to make a pair of fingerless mittens from that old worn out pair of bobbly walking socks.

Or…  Upcycling gone crazy.

My hands get so cold when I am working, that I find it hard to make the jewellery or type properly sometimes. I’m not putting the bloody heating on, again, either. I could treat myself to some gorgeous hand-knitted beauties like those that can be found on Folksy or Etsy, but today I just HAD ENOUGH! In desperation, here is what I just did:

Took a pair of old bobbly threadbare walking socks and a pair of scissors.

Carefully snipped a small sliver off at the toe end, not the full width. Then made a hole for the thumb.

Voila! See how I utilized the threadbare sole of the sock for my palm area so that they aren’t too bulky….so smug!

 Ok, so maybe it’s a little sad and desperate, but hey, I have warm hands! And I could always audition for an extra’s part in Dickens.

Rachel x

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Something old, something new

I love that old saying, and inspired it’s inspired me to search for beautiful deco crystal vintage beads to include in my new range of wedding jewellery

I’m going to be combining beautiful pearls and semi-precious stones with the vintage elements I find, for a few select pieces in my new range which I called ‘Something Old, Something New’ (fancy that!). Many of these pieces will understandably be one of a kind, dependent on what lovely things I find. I think this uniqueness and age will really enhance their romantic, timeless appeal.

 Gossamer Necklace by Rachel Lucie and dress from collection available from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

My first bracelet in the range, called Lace, with it’s matching earrings is currently at Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge as part of the ‘I Do’ Wedding Exhibition. I think it goes perfectly with the Gossamer necklace, available here.

Rachel x

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